Unicate Design By Alien Force Digital

There’s one moment in life when you coming to the point you feel that everything looks or sound the same,every day and night,every hour,every minute,every breath you take every second,just repeating over and over again.
If the time travel was posible,for sure you will wanted to see how the future look like,to feel that moment is like you finaly feel freedom,finaly in paradise.
We bringing you that moment with the force of nature combine with the force of the universe,the force of the sound.
It’s time for changes,nothing stay the same from right now,everything is completely different and new,fresh start for all the different cultures in this world of this planet,this dimension.
Straight from the future with the power of the speed of light we opening new horizons for your mind,new era for new kind human beings.
Once you had listen,that’s it,we have you,we are all over you,we winning your heart,you are hypnotized with great atmosphere,bouncing pumping groovy beats,funky bass,total madness in the sound,completely defferent everytime,spacy underground,dark deep and intense,rhythmic,completly new feelings on the dance floor,time machine for your soul,new faith for the underground music industry connected with brand new fashion inspired from the sound of the future representing ALIEN FORCE DIGITAL.